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Instant Download – 2000-2011 Campagnolo Technical Videos

Instantly Download Campagnolo Technical Service Videos!  A complete collection beginning with the first Videos Campagnolo ever produced.  Nearly 2 Gigabytes and Dozens of Clips. Divided into 2 Separate Archives all included and available for download at one price.



Campagnolo Service Videos:

  • Videos show step-by-step service procedures for Campagnolo equipment.
  • Videos Standardized in MP4 Video format.
  • Plays on most PC’s & Macs with updated Video Player Software.
  • Can be Burned to DVD and played on most Blu-Ray players capable of playing MP4 files on DVD-R format Discs.

To provide the best picture quality, the technical videos are in the HD capable MPEG-4 (MP4) file format. To offer the most flexibility, they are provided on a DVD “data formatted” Disc.  This allows the videos  to be viewed on both HD TV’s and on computers.


Many of the videos were originally recorded without any sound.  There’s nothing wrong with your playback if you don’t hear anything.  This was done so the video would be friendly worldwide to people of many different languages.  Also please be aware that the video quality will only be as good as they were originally recorded.  Older videos will have less quality than newer ones.

2000 10 Speed Chain
2000 Rear Derailleur Adjustment

2000 ErgoLever Disassembly 2000 ErgoLever
2000 ErgoBrain Lever Installation

2000 Rear Hub Disassembly 2000 Rear Hub
2000 ErgoBrain Pedal Magnet Installation

2001 Pro-Fit Pedal Disassembly 2001 Pro-Fit Pedal Assembly 2001 HiddenSet Installation

2006 ErgoLever Disassembly 2006 ErgoLever
2006 ErgoPower Flat Bar Overhaul

2006 Eurus 2006 Eurus Spoke Replacement 2006 G3 Rear Wheel Assembly

2006 Neutron 2006 Complete Wheel/Hub Overhaul 2006 10 Speed Chain

2007 UltraTorque Recommended 2007 UltraTorque Alternate

2008 Standard ErgoPower Overhaul 2008 ErgoPower Escape Overhaul 2008 UltraTorque Bearing Replacement

2009 2 Way Fit Clincher Installation 2009 2 Way Fit Tubeless Installation

2009 11 Speed Chain 2009 Ergopower UltraShift Overhaul 2009 UltraTorque OS Fit

2010 ErgoPower UltraShift 10s Index Upgrade 2010 ErgoPower UltraShift Body Replacement 2010 PowerTorque Disassembly

2010 Rear Derailleur Cable Routing 2010 Super Record 11s Pulley Replacement 2010 Super Record 11s Rear Derailleur Update

2011 Brake Installation 2011 Brake Pad Replacement 2011 Ergopower UltraShift Installation

2011 Handlebar Tape Installation 2011 Optimization 11s 2011 PowerTorque Crankset Assembly

2011 Tubeless Valve Replacement

2011 EPS Frame Preparation 2011 EPS Installing Components 2011 EPS Final Installation

2011 EPS Zero Setting 2011 EPS Zero Setting Front 2011 EPS Zero Setting Rear 

2011 EPS Ride Setting 2011 EPS Ride Setting 2